A section of Taiyuan city's first underground comprehensive utility tunnel [Photo/tywbw.com]

Taiyuan city's first underground utility tunnel project has completed its civil engineering work and installation of the support facilities, which is expected to start trial operations before the end of the year, according to the Taiyuan urban and rural administration on Oct 25. 

Located in the eastern part of Jinyuan district, the underground utility tunnel extends 10.15 kilometers and involves five roads, above ground, officials said. 

The underground tunnel carries eight utility lines for electricity, steam, water, communications, gas and sewerage -- making it a comprehensive utility tunnel with the most pipe lines in China, officials said. 

"The different types of pipelines do not interfere with each other. No matter which pipeline has problems, the staff members can quickly enter and solve problems without digging up the road," said a director of the tunnel's constructor, Shanxi Chengxin Municipal Construction Co. 

In addition to the underground utility corridor, the project also has a control center. Intelligent monitoring devices including systems for a fire alarm, gas detection, security and communications are connected to the control center. 

Through the monitoring platform, technicians can in real time remotely monitor the running status, environmental conditions and personnel inspections of pipelines and the support facilities. 

Officials said the installation of support pipelines, including pipes for tap water and heating, is nearing completion and the sewage pumping station has been put into trial operations.

The sewage generated by the sanitation network in Taiyuan Ancient County and surrounding areas, built during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), has been channeled through to the station.