The 2019 National Postdoctoral Academic Forum was held in Taiyuan on Oct 15, according to the organizers.

The forum was sponsored by the National Postdoctoral Management Committee Office, the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation and the Shanxi Department of Resources and Social Security. 

It was organized by Taiyuan University of Technology and  was the first high-profile postdoctoral academic event held in Shanxi province. 

With a theme of "Green Energy, Green Manufacturing, Green Development", the forum focused on the green development, transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. 

The event aimed to further industry-university-research institute cooperation and integration — as well as to support an energy "revolution" in Shanxi through communications, idea sharing and partnerships between energy industrial experts and young academics. 

Attending the forum were postdoctoral researchers from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Shanxi Department of Resources and Social Security.

Also present were representatives from more than 30 research institutions and companies in 12 provinces and municipalities, as well as delegates from workstations at Taiyuan University of Technology. 

Eight postdoctoral academics shared their scientific research experiences and academic achievements at the forum, which also selected six outstanding postdoctoral theses and awarded medals and certificates to the winners.

Shanxi had 82 post-doctoral workstations, including 34 scientific research stations, by the end of 2018. 

Officials said the research projects covered coal mining and safety technology, energy development and utilization. Other areas included advanced equipment manufacturing, stainless steel deep processing, animal husbandry and ecological agriculture, environment protection and medicine. 

Officials said these have become important platforms for attracting and gathering expertise and professionals, for academic research and tech development.