Shanxi Biomaterials Industry Research Institute -- and its R&D industrialized public services platform -- were opened on Aug 8 following one year of construction. 

It is a new research and development institute supported by the Shanxi Transformation and Comprehensive Reform Demonstration Zone, with government support, enterprise participation and market-oriented operations. 

The institute focuses on the research and development of bio-based carbon fiber composite materials and polylactic acid bio-plastics -- so as to bio-refine straw and other agricultural and forestry waste and produce high-quality, safe and degradable new biological materials, which can gradually replace petrochemical raw materials, solve the pollution problem of straw burning and promote rural economic development and environment. 

As the first new research institute of its kind in China, the institute has made major breakthroughs in straw bio-refining, advanced manufacturing and development of eco-friendly new materials. The bio-refinery, funded by the institute in the Yuanping Economic and Technological Development Zone, has started construction and is expected to be put into production in May 2020. 

Officials said that through bio-refining, the institute has broken the traditional process barriers and produced bio-based carbon fiber composite materials which consist of independently developed bio-resin with excellent thermodynamic properties and carbon fiber materials. 

They say the materials have been used in hydrogen-powered industrial drones and new energy vehicle products, which have won product trial production and sales agreements from leading companies in related sectors. 

In addition, the institute's technologies for producing polylactic acid from straw materials have greatly reduced the production costs of bio plastic products. The polylactic acid bio-plastics will be introduced to the field of disposable plastic products to reduce white pollution.