An international traveling salesman promotion conference was held in Taiyuan, in Shanxi province, on May 18.

More than 140 diplomats and international travel agents from 23 countries and traveling salesmen from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan attended the conference. 

Sheng Dianqing, director of the Shanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, gave a presentation of the wide-ranging cultural and tourism resources of Shanxi at the conference -- promoting its improved infrastructure, products, services as well as the current condition of Shanxi's cultural and tourism sectors.

Three UNESCO World Heritage sites in Shanxi and travel routes along the Yellow River, the Taihang Mountains and the Great Wall were also promoted to attendees. 

Six travel agencies based in Shanxi province signed business agreements with travel agents from countries, including Denmark and South Korea. 

"We welcome tourists from all over the world and Shanxi supports local travel agencies in cooperating with travel agencies in other countries to boost the tourism industry," said Zhang Fuming, vice-governor of Shanxi province, at the conference. 

Shanxi has been rewarding local travel agencies with performance bonuses for those who have been outstanding in attracting tourists to the province, with total bonuses increasing to 40 million yuan ($5.79 million) in 2018.


An international traveling salesman promotion conference takes place in Taiyuan, in Shanxi province, on May 18. [Photo/Xinhua]


A signing ceremony, between six Shanxi travel agencies and travel agents from countries including Denmark and South Korea, is held at the international traveling salesman promotion conference in Taiyuan on May 18. [Photo/]