Shanxi big data industrial base will start operating in Jinyuan district, in Taiyuan city, in September, according to an agreement signed between Jinyuan district government and Shanxi Cloud Era Technology Co on May 16. 

Shanxi province's new big data integrated service base -- with an operational area of around 4,000 square meters -- will be engaged in intelligent urban construction, innovation, entrepreneurship, research and development, outsourcing services and the investment funds sectors. 

"5G brings broad development prospects for big data applications," said Tao Jiajin, general manager of Shanxi Cloud Era Technology Co. 

"Our company will join hands with Jinyuan district to develop an information industrial cluster with a complete functional layout by relying on applications of 5G technology and digital industry featuring big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence," Tao added. 

The base's development will be divided into three phases. In 2019, it will attract at least 20 companies, carry out an intelligent digital design project in the district and establish an innovation and entrepreneurship services platform. 

The second phase will see the base in 2020 develop key business management software and systems for intelligent manufacturing and industrial internet companies above a certain designated size (whose annual revenue tops 20 million yuan), so as to boost local economic growth. 

Finally in 2021, the new facility will build big data application platforms for the government affairs, tourism, transport and agriculture sectors -- and be a pioneer in developing a provincial incubator featuring the big data industry, with the goal of being a gathering place for high-end innovative talent in Shanxi province and a nationally recognized big data industry base. 

Officials said local government will offer help with funding, and provide a favorable business and policy environment to facilitate the construction and operation of the base. 

Currently an intelligent Jinyuan district project, a big data exhibition and experience center, and an innovation and entrepreneurship incubation center are under construction in the base. Once completed, the base will provide over 300 positions and its annual revenue is expected to reach 80 million yuan ($11.58 million) by 2021.