Since its foundation in 2006, the Shanxi Shuangliang Renewable Energy Industry Group has focused on improving the air quality and serving the people's livelihood by exploring the state-of-the-art technologies on new energy and renewable resources and tapping into a new way for the province's supply of heat through clean energy.

Recently, the Party committee of the company organized a series of seminars for employees to learn more about the Party's spirit of hardworking, confidence and persistence. Over the years, the company has aimed to boost high-quality development in a sustainable way.

As a subsidiary of the Shuangliang Group in Jiangsu province, the Shanxi Shuangliang Renewable Energy Industry Group is promoting the heating supply technology by using clean energy in North China, relying on its abundant assets, high-end technologies and brand image.

To date, the coverage area in the province reached 300 million square meters with the investment of infrastructure amounting to more than 5 billion yuan ($739 million).

The company has applied more than 20 stereoscopic energy acquisition technologies such as the recovery of waste heat in power plants, recovery of the industrial waste heat, geothermal heating, sewage (medium) water source heating and the application of solar energy.

It has gained over 20 national patents for inventions and practical new types in sectors including united energy, distributed energy resources, comprehensive utilization of energy and cascade utilization. The company carries out different heating supply plans based on local conditions.

The company has initiated several waste heat recovery projects in power plants, covering an area of more than 36 million square meters. The area for geothermal heating has achieved 8 million sq km, in which the shallow geothermal energy in Shanxi Experimental Secondary School was listed as a national-level renewable energy demonstration project.

The solar energy heating system has successfully applied distributed photovoltaic power generation in Taiyuan University.

The company aims to advance the nuclear heating reactor project on clean energy in cooperation with China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC). The project is environmentally friendly and has many advantages including safety factors, high reliability, simple system and stable operation.

It has built numerous digital management platforms to control the supply of heat, and 20 information management systems in an effort to improve efficiency.

Green concept

To firmly establish and fully implement the concept of "green water and green hills are gold and silver mountains" and accumulate experience for the construction of ecological civilization, the company has made innovative efforts to explore the green industries and apply the latest technologies in China and abroad.  

The overuse of fertilizers is one of the key factors leading to soil pollution. To solve this problem, the company has conducted a series of studies on the production of biological organic fertilizers through a new technology that transforms raw materials such as the lignite and slurry into organic fertilizers. 

The organic fertilizers offer nutritious ingredients for plants, and improve the quality of soil and crop yield. The company has set up a production base for organic fertilizers in Inner Mongolia, a key project to preserve the region's natural environment and boost its modern agricultural industry.

Its graphene photocatalytic technology, a method to restore water biodiversity and improve the underwater ecological environment, is largely applied to control the water pollution across the country. 

The company has become one of the leaders in new energy and renewable energy sector with advanced technologies, modern management concept and prominent achievements in environmental protection.

It is awarded as a merit enterprise for energy-saving and emission-reduction by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and an advanced player in energy-saving by the Shanxi provincial government.

The company has also gained many honorary titles in energy-saving and emission-reduction from China Energy Conservation Association (CECA), China Renewable Energy Association and All-China Environment Federation (ACEF).