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    Shanxi offers Africa medical aid


    The 22nd and 25th Chinese (Shanxi) medical aid teams to the African countries of Cameroon and Togo left Taiyuan on April 22 for a one-year medical aid mission.

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    Cameroon awards Shanxi medics


    ​Three team members from the 21st Chinese (Shanxi) medical aid team to Cameroon were presented with the Cameroon Knight of the National Order of Merit on March 22.

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    Shanxi medics departs for Djibouti


    The 21st Chinese (Shanxi) medical aid team to the African country of Djibouti departed Shanxi province on Jan 5 to carry out a one-year medical aid mission.

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    Medics given highest honor in Djibouti


    The Prime Minister of Djibouti Abdoulkader Kamil Mohamed awarded the Independence Day Medal on Dec 13 to 10 members of Shanxi's 20th medical aid team.

  • Shanxi medics lend a helping hand with their care in Africa


    A debriefing session for Shanxi province's returned medical aid teams who were sent on medical assistance missions to the African countries of Cameroon and Togo was recently held in the provincial capital of Taiyuan.

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    Chinese Embassy praises Shanxi's medical aid in Djibouti


    The Chinese embassy in Djibouti recently praised the efforts being made by medical staff from North China's Shanxi province.

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    Humanitarian missions save countless African lives


    Shanxi doctors had contributed to the healthcare sectors in Cameroon and Togo by sharing their experience and training local medical workers.

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