• Shanxi devoted to future of cultural heritage

    Shanxi devoted to future of cultural heritage

    ​In possession of an estimated 53,875 immovable cultural relics, North China's Shanxi province – known as one the cradles of Chinese civilization – has made every effort to preserve its local cultural heritage. Despite the challenges brought by its vast array of artifacts and relics and the often complex requirements of each of its historical treasures, the province has made great progress in extending the future of these silent witnesses to history.

  • Video series: Exploring Shanxi

    Video series: Exploring Shanxi

    Shanxi's English-language news program "Exploring Shanxi", created by Shanxi Radio and Television Station, shares major news about Shanxi's transformation and development to global audiences through videos, as well as dynamic information on Shanxi's overall economic and trade development, cultural tourism, environmental protection, and people's lives.

  • Shanxi: an inland hub for opening-up

    Shanxi: an inland hub for opening-up

    North China's Shanxi province has been building open platforms, unblocking ports and passages, optimizing the business environment, and promoting great progress in an open economy, so as to develop itself into an inland hub for opening-up.

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