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    Shanxi medical donations to Malawi


    A folk non-profit organization from Lyuliang city in North China's Shanxi province recently donated medical supplies to Malawi in Africa.

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    Free medical services in Cameroon


    The 22nd China (Shanxi) medical aid team to the African country of Cameroon recently held a free clinic event in Yaoundé, Cameroon's capital city.

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    Djibouti's top honor for Shanxi medics


    Abdoulkader Kamil Mohamed, prime minister of Djibouti, awarded the Independence Day Medal to 12 members of China's 21st medical aid team to the African country on March 19 local time.

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    Shanxi medics to bring light to cataracts patients in Djibouti


    A medical team from Shanxi province departed for Djibouti on Feb 15 to implement their month-long project of reducing blindness caused by cataracts.

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    Shanxi folk team joins rescue in Turkey


    North China's Shanxi province selected seven rescuers with extensive experience to join China's official rescue team in earthquake-hit Turkey on Feb 8.

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    Medics share expertise in Africa


    The Shanxi medical teams have been an important part of China's medical assistance to Africa since 1963, when the first medical teams were dispatched to the country.

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    Shanxi offers Africa medical aid


    The 22nd and 25th Chinese (Shanxi) medical aid teams to the African countries of Cameroon and Togo left Taiyuan on April 22 for a one-year medical aid mission.

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