Chinese Embassy praises Shanxi's medical aid in Djibouti


Updated: 2021-05-26

The Chinese embassy in Djibouti recently praised the efforts being made by medical staff from North China's Shanxi province, who are currently based in the nation located on the northeast coast of Africa.

The embassy sent a letter of thanks to China (Shanxi)'s 20th medical aid team there, for their vital contribution.

The Shanxi medical aid team has completed 5,243 outpatient and emergency treatments, completed 754 operations, saved 12 critical patients and given 3,972 traditional Chinese medicinal treatments since it arrived in the African country six months ago.

While completing routine medical tasks, the team has also provided novel coronavirus epidemic education, prevention and control guidance for Chinese citizens in Djibouti.

In response to a recent new wave of the COVID-19 pandemic there, Shanxi province's medical aid team has vaccinated more than 650 Chinese citizens in Djibouti over the course of several consecutive days in a local climate featuring high temperatures and high humidity.