Self-driving travel routes recommended in rural Shanxi


Jincheng city

Route: Lianghu village in Yuancun town, Gaoping county-level city -- Hepo village in Dadonggou town, Zezhou county -- Zhongzhuang village in Runcheng town, Yangcheng county -- Nanyang village in Tuwo town, Qinshui county -- Xingxi village in Manghe town, Yangcheng county -- Dongtou village in Chengqu district -- Niushan village in Chengqu district -- Situ village in Beishidian town, Chengqu district -- Dongliuzhuang village in Jincun town, Zezhou county -- Zhanghe village in Fucheng town, Lingchuan county.

This route connects the mountains, rivers, ancient towns and villages in Jincheng city, featuring a combination of majestic natural and cultural landscapes. 

Linfen city


Feiling village in Fucheng town, Anze county, Linfen city [Photo/Shanxi Daily]

Route: Feiling village in Fucheng town, Anze county -- Fengbi village in Tangxing town, Yicheng county -- Chengnei village in Tangxing town, Yicheng county -- Nanlinjiao village in Beidong town, Quwo county -- Xihai village in Shicun town, Quwo county -- Chaoyang village in Licun town, Quwo county -- Dingcun village in Xincheng town, Xiangfen county -- Banershang village in Guanwangmiao town, Xiangning county -- Qiqili village in Gedi town, Yonghe county -- Dongzheng village in Gedi town, Yonghe county.

Linfen city is one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization and has one of the earliest farming cultures in China. The countryside along the route features ancient customs and complete ancient villages. 

Yuncheng city

Route: Longmen village in Qingjian sub-district, Hejin county-level city -- Yanjing village in Gaocun town, Wanrong county -- Beijian village in Wanquan town, Wanrong county -- Mapaoquan village in Xishe town, Jishan county -- Shangzhen village in Dongzhen town, Wenxi county -- Wangjiahe village in Sijiao town, Xiaxian county -- Dongkaizhang village in Kaizhang town, Yongji county-level city -- Xixiang village in Puzhou town, Yongji.

This route allows visitors to understand Chinese legends of thousands of years ago and experience the rich history and culture of Yuncheng.

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