Self-driving travel routes recommended in rural Shanxi


Lyuliang city

Route: Jiajiazhuang village in Jiajiazhuang town, Fenyang -- Renjiagou village in Xinyi town, Lishi district -- Yonghong village in Xinyi town, Lishi district -- Guihua village in Xinyi town, Lishi district -- Jundu village in Xuecun town, Liulin county -- Sanjiao village in Sanjiao town, Liulin county.

This route showcases scenery and culture in Lyuliang, where the culture of the Yellow River and the Loess Plateau merge.

Jinzhong city

Route: Hougou village in Wujinshan town, Yuci district -- Xiazhou village in Zongai town, Shouyang county -- Dazhai village in Dazhai town, Xiyang county -- Zecheng village in Matian town, Zuoquan county -- Shangwu village in Tongyu town, Zuoquan county -- Pianliang village in Heyu town, Yushe county -- Dayuping village in Houcheng town, Taigu district -- Beiguang village in Beiguang town, Taigu district -- Liangcun village in Yuebi town, Pingyao county -- Hengpo village in Duancun town, Pingyao county -- Zhangcun village in Zhanglan town, Jiexiu county-level city -- Nanzhuang village in Longfeng town, Jiexiu.

There are many ancient villages with some dating back to 1,000 years along the route, making it an ideal choice for tourists who are interested in exploring ancient rural Chinese dwellings.

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