Self-driving travel routes recommended in rural Shanxi


Yangquan city 

Route: Wangtanzui village in Sunjiazhuang town, Yuxian county -- Zuizishang village in Xinanyu town, Jiaoqu district -- Hongyanling village in Chakou town, Pingding county -- Niangziguan village in Niangziguan town, Pingding county -- Qigen village in Donghui town, Pingding county -- Songjiazhuang village in Guanshan town, Pingding county -- Xiaohe village in Yijin town, Chengqu district -- Taolingou village in Pingtan town, Jiaoqu district -- Nanzhuang village in Jucheng town, Pingding county.

This route explores the ancient villages and the farming culture in the Taihang Mountains. 

Changzhi city

Route: Liyu village in Dayou town, Wuxiang county -- Zhuanbi village in Panlong town, Wuxiang county -- Foyadi village in Huangyadong town, Licheng county -- Xiazhuang village in Tinghepu town, Licheng county -- Chedang village in Yanggao town, Pingshun county -- Yuejiazhai village in Shicheng town, Pingshun county -- Xigou village in Xigou town, Pingshun county -- Dahe village in Qiaoshang town, Huguan county -- Nanpingtouwu village in Shipo town, Huguan county -- Zhenxing village in Xihuo town, Shangdang district -- Shiquan village in Fengyi town, Tunliu district.

This route allows visitors to take in the Taihang Grand Canyon and experience the thrilling mountain roads. It is also the place where the Eighth Route Army marched during War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression (1931-45), making it an ideal route for patriotic education activities.

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