Shanxi builds industry clusters to revitalize rural areas


Brewery industrial clusters

Shanxi will base this development on the advantages enjoyed by its varies grains and fruit resources such as sorghum, indica rice, grapes and hawthorn. The province will develop industrial brewery clusters for liquor (in Lyuliang city, Jinzhong city), rice wine (in northern Shanxi), red wine (in Jingzhong city and southern Shanxi), fruit wine (in northern and southeastern Shanxi) and vinegar (in Jinzhong city).

Key brewery enterprises will be guided to develop products focusing on health care, beverages and those with high-end collectable properties. 

In addition, Shanxi will develop two provincial public brands of Shanxi mild aromatic liquor and Shanxi vinegar, as well as a brand of Daixian county's rice wine. 

Beverage industrial clusters

Based on the advantages of its TCM and fruit resources, Shanxi will develop beverage industrial clusters focusing on medicinal tea and fruit juices.

The Taihang Mountains and Taiyue Mountain areas will develop industrial clusters of forsythia tea, mulberry tea and pear juice. Clusters for sophora bud tea, apple juice, and pear juice are planned in the hilly areas in southern Shanxi. Industrial clusters of seabuckthorn leaf tea, seabuckthorn juice and jujube leaf tea will be developed in the Lyuliang Mountain areas. Industrial production clusters for Dracocephalum rupestre tea and seabuckthorn juice will be developed in surroundings of Guancen Mountain.

Shanxi will encourage cities and counties producing medicinal tea to apply for registration and protection as geographical indications of agricultural products -- the formal status that a product has special qualities related to its origin -- as well as to expand and strengthen the development of medicinal tea brands. The market share of well-known fruit juice brands will be further increased in the province. 

Dairy industrial clusters

Shanxi will develop dairy industrial clusters, based on the Yanmen Pass agriculture and animal husbandry development belt. The province will focus on developing pasteurized milk, UHT milk, milk powder and special flavor yogurt by taking advantages of local quinoa, red dates, sea red fruit and other special cereals and fruit.

Shanxi will also develop well-known dairy brands. The province will support the construction of cold chains of low-temperature dairy products and develop smart logistics and distribution. It will encourage dairy product, distribution and e-commerce enterprises to carry out matchmaking -- so as to facilitate distribution and marketing of Shanxi dairy products. 

Staple food and cake industrial clusters

The staple food and cake industrial cluster in Shanxi province will focus on traditional staple food, baked food, convenience food and miscellaneous grain products due to local food resource advantages enjoyed there in wheat, millet and buckwheat. 

Central Shanxi province will boost the development of baked food and industrial convenience food clusters. Southern Shanxi will concentrate on building industrial clusters for traditional staple food. Northern Shanxi -- as well as areas on Lyuliang Mountain and the Taihang Mountains -- will focus on miscellaneous grain food.

In addition, Shanxi will further develop and promote time-honored staple foods and cake brands such as Shanxi millet and Yuncheng flour.

Meat product industrial clusters

Shanxi province will develop mutton and beef deep-processing industrial clusters in Yanmen Pass Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Development Zone and surrounding areas on the Taihang Mountains and Lyuliang Mountain. It will develop industrial clusters for beef, pork and chicken deep-processing in central and western Shanxi, as well as pork and chicken deep-processing in southern Shanxi. 

The province will encourage local key meat slaughtering and processing enterprises to develop meat product brands such as Pingyao beef, Changzhi donkey meat and mutton in the areas north of the Yanmen Pass. 

The construction of Datong's meat export platform will be advanced by attracting leading national companies to locate there and carry out the meat import and export trade, so as to enhance the influence and reputation of Shanxi's meat products.

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