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  • Regional measures to stop domestic violence take effect in Shanxi


    Shanxi province officially implemented "Shanxi Province's Domestic Violence Prevention and Disposal Measures" on March 1.

  • Locality for the registration of marriage between the foreigners and Chinese citizens


    According to the relevant legal provisions, foreigner (tourists excepted), overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese coming to China for a short stay who applies to get married with a Chinese citizen shall hold the certification provided by the notary office in his/her host country (or his or her country of residence) and authenticated by the Foreign Ministry of that country as well as the Chinese embassy or consulate for the applicant who has no spouse.

  • Regulations on marriage and divorce


    Marriage between Chinese citizens and foreigners refers to marriage between Chinese citizens and foreign nationals, including Chinese holding foreign nationality, foreign nationals and stateless persons residing in China. Same sex marriages are forbidden in China.

  • Basic procedures for foreign-related marriage registration


    To apply for marriage registration, partners of the contemplated marriage shall appear together at the marriage registration office (Typically, marriage registration offices are only open Monday to Friday during certain hours, and are closed Saturday, Sunday and holidays).

  • Certificates and documents needed for marriage registration


    In addition, it is stipulated that both the man and the woman applying for marriage registration shall present the pre-marital health check-up reports signed and issued by a hospital designated by the marriage registration department.

  • Documents required for adoption of stepchildren by foreign citizens


    According to the No 2008-4 file issued by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, parties involved in stepchild adoption by a foreign citizen shall prepare and submit documents and papers as follows.

  • Basic adoption procedures for foreigners in China


    At present there are 17 countries that have established cooperative relationship with China in inter-country adoption.

  • Requirements for foreign adopters and adoptees


    Both parents must be between the ages of 30 and 50. Those couples who apply to adopt a special needs child must be between the ages of 30 and 55.

  • Q&A


    This article answers some common questions on foreign adoption.