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    A feast for the ages


    A traditional regional banquet in North China's Shanxi province has remained popular throughout the centuries.

  • Yangquan grit ware hot pot


    Renowned for producing grit products such as grit ware and grit pottery for decades, Yangquan city has developed a household cuisine called Yangquan grit ware hot pot.

  • Stir-fried bulanzi


    Stir-fried bulanzi, or guolei, is a famous traditional snack that can also be eaten as a staple food in Shanxi province, and it is made out of potato and flour powder and cooked with condiments.

  • Fentiao doufusi


    Fengtiao doufusi is a famous dish of Yangquan's Pingding county in Shanxi province. The main ingredients are fentiao, or noodles made from sweet potato starch and fried doufusi, or fried sliced bean curd that is tender inside and crispy outside.

  • Helao mian


    ​Helao mian, or helao noodles, is a pastry boasting a longer history than daoxiao mian, or knife-cut noodles, another traditional staple food in Shanxi province.

  • Pingding douyecai


    ​Douyecai is a special dish that is made of retted bean leaf. The leaf can be found around White Dew, or bailu in Chinese, which takes place on the 15th solar term.

  • Pingding guoyourou


    ​Pingding guoyourou, a fried pork dish originating from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), was spread from official banquets to ordinary families in Taiyuan and then to other parts of Shanxi province.

  • Pingding dried cucumber


    Pingding dried cucumber is a specialty of Hougou and Hetou villages in Pingding county. The two villages boast the longest history, best making technique and largest sales of the snack in the county.

  • Xihui millet


    ​The production base of Xihui millet is located in the central part of Taihang Mountain. where this is big difference between day and night.