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  • Yangquan's cultural relic sites gain provincial recognition


    Yangquan recently had four cultural relics sites recognized as provincial cultural relics sites related to the history of the Communist Party of China.

  • Yangquan cultural relics listed for provincial protection


    Eight sites in Yangquan city were recently included on the sixth list of protected provincial cultural relics sites in North China's Shanxi province.

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    Jin Dynasty tomb murals discovered in rural Yangquan


    Archaeologists recently discovered seven complete murals on the walls of an ancient tomb in rural Yangquan

  • Over 2,000-yr-old wooden well unearthed in China's Shanxi


    An ancient nine-sided well, bearing a wooden structure, with a history of over 2,000 years was discovered in Shanxi province.

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    Yangquan Xiangta


    The Yangquan Xiangta was recently recognized as one of the top 10 Chinese stunts at the first National Vocational Skills Competition on Dec 13.

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    Shehuo Wujia of Yangquan city


    Shehuo Wujia is a popular folk performance that originated in Sanquan village of Yangquan city, Shanxi province.

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    Pingding Yu Festival


    The Pingding Yu Festival is a folk belief and folk customs event that evolved from an ancient sacrificial ceremony for rain into being a festival to pray for good luck and happiness.

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    Yangquan Yagu


    Yagu, a folk show popular in Yangquan city, is divided into two performance forms: one featuring talking, singing and dancing and the other highlighting team formations which showcase ancient war scenes.

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    Taige parade


    People dressed in vibrant costumes perform the Taige dance in Yangquan city, Shanxi province.