Two more Shanxi medical teams set to help in Africa


Updated: 2021-03-17

The 21st China (Shanxi) medical aid team getting ready to go to Cameroon and the 24th China (Shanxi) medical aid team to Togo -- both in Africa -- completed eight months of training on March 16, paving the way for their departure. 

The teams from North China's Shanxi province will soon be sent to the countries to perform one-year medical aid tasks. 

Shanxi has dispatched a total of 58 teams and 1,254 medical workers to countries across Africa since 1975. These include Djibouti, Cameroon and Togo -- with the teams helping locals fight various diseases including ebola, malaria and hemorrhagic fever. 

The province's doctors have also contributed to the local healthcare sector by sharing their experiences and training local medical workers.