Datong adds one national wetland park

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2021-01-06


Cangtou River National Wetland Park in Youyu county [Photo/sxgov.cn]

The 774.73-ha Cangtou River National Wetland Park's wetland coverage rate is 59.34 percent. The park can create a good environment conducive to supporting wild animals and plants' survival, enriching and improving the area's biodiversity and protecting rare species resources. It can also play a positive role in the Yellow River Basin's ecological security and the establishment of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei green environmental barrier. 


Sanggan River National Wetland Park [Photo/sxgov.cn]

The 4,717.89-ha Sanggan River National Wetland Park includes a river, marsh and manually constructed wetlands, with a wetland coverage rate of 83.37 percent. The wetland park can protect and restore the wetland ecosystem and biodiversity in Datong city's arid area. It can also effectively intercept upstream sediment, prevent the local Guanting Reservoir's sedimentation, and improve the water quality and utilization rate of water resources, guaranteeing a stable water supply for the national capital Beijing.

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