Shanxi works to develop cultural relic protection and utilization demonstration zones


Updated: 2024-07-08

Since November 2020, North China's Shanxi province has been taking the initiative to launch the pilot program for the development of provincial-level cultural relic protection and utilization demonstration zones in accordance with national requirements.

A total of 22 demonstration zones are currently under construction across 20 counties and districts in two cities, forming a "2+20" layout for the program.


The cultural relic protection and utilization demonstration zone. [Photo/Shanxi Evening News]

To develop these zones, Shanxi prioritizes a protection framework, encompassing cultural relic protection, environmental improvement, and cultural preservation. This includes addressing public concerns regarding protection during development phases, ensuring the authenticity of relics, maintaining the integrity of cultural landscapes, and guaranteeing the continuity of cultural traditions.


The Bell Tower Scenic Spot is bustling with crowds. [Photo/Shanxi Evening News]

Furthermore, Shanxi is exploring innovative approaches to the reform of cultural relic protection and utilization while integrating resources, nurturing relevant industries, and ensuring that the benefits of cultural relic protection reach the lives of common people.

At the same time, the province is working to revitalize cultural relic resources, promote open sharing, and drive the creative transformation and innovative development of outstanding traditional culture by encouraging the use of quasi-museum approaches, integration with public services and community services, and the participation of social forces, based on multimedia platforms and digital technologies.