Head south to encounter beautiful scenery along Yuncheng Salt Lake


In Yuncheng, a city in North China's Shanxi province, heading south along the shore of Salt Lake is a great way to encounter some stunning scenery and appreciate the historical and cultural heritage.


An aerial view of the Salt Lake. [Photo/Yellow River News]

Hedong Lake Salt Museum

Every cultural relic and sculpture in Hedong Lake Salt Museum centered around salt culture explains the origin of salt, as well as the formation, historical evolution, and salt production of salt ponds, vividly showcasing the profound cultural heritage of lake salt.


The Zhongjinmen Square is bustling with visitors. [Photo/Yellow River News]

Chishen Temple

At Chishen Temple, an immersive performance called "Song Rhyme: Southern Wind Song" should not be missed. This performance is based on the culture of the Song Dynasty (960-1279). Through the light and shadow art and the charming performances of actors, visitors can experience the prosperity of salt transportation during the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127) and embark on a thrilling journey to explore the origin of lake salt culture.


The large-scale immersive performance "Song Rhyme: Southern Wind Song". [Photo/Yellow River News]

Viewing Deck of Salt Lake No 006 Lamp Pole

Standing on the viewing deck of Salt Lake No 006 Lamp Pole, visitors can feel the unique charm of Yuncheng city, whether it be gazing at Cross Lake Avenue, the Zhongtiao Mountains, or the vast Salt Lake.


The scenery from the viewing deck of Salt Lake No 006 Lamp Pole. [Photo/Yellow River News]

No 22 Embankment

Heading South along the Cross Lake Avenue, people will arrive at the No 22 Embankment and enter the "Mirror of the Sky" along the trail where a beautiful picture of people, water, and birds is presented.


Visitors walk on the No 22 Embankment of the Salt Lake. [Photo/Yellow River News]

Seven Colored Salt Lake Scenic Area

Beyond that is the Seven Colored Salt Lake Scenic Area, where an 11-hectare comprehensive upgrading and renovation project is coming to an end.

After the opening of the scenic area, tourists can not only experience boutique tourism projects, but also feel the magical charm of the five-step salt production technique, a national intangible cultural heritage that has been passed down for thousands of years.


The Seven Colored Salt Lake Scenic Area is about to open. [Photo/Yellow River News]