Shanxi strives to develop quantum information future industry


North China's Shanxi province has been aiming high in developing its quantum information future industry and forming the "Catalogue of Advanced Technologies and Innovative Products of Quantum Information in Shanxi Province".

Specifically, the province will promote the development of quantum technology, seizing opportunities in the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation so as to enhance the interplay between basic research and applied research and turn scientific research results into products and industries.

To accelerate the development of the quantum information future industry, the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Shanxi Province will also cultivate and create advanced technologies and excellent quantum information products.

In addition, the department will arrange for relevant experts to evaluate quantum information technology and products and select the best ones to form the aforementioned catalogue. For the selected technologies and products, the province will provide stronger support so as to transform and promote innovative achievements.

Meanwhile, construction on the Quantum Technology Building at Shanxi University was recently approved, with a total investment of over 700 million yuan ($96.6 million). In addition to building the new building, research instruments and equipment for quantum chip development and quantum network construction will also be purchased.