Shanxi's green buildings dominate new developments


Updated: 2024-05-30

In recent years, North China's Shanxi province has been working to promote the comprehensive development of green buildings by promoting legislative guarantees, improving supporting policies, and constructing new projects.

Since the start of the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25) period, the province has built a total of 5,438.43 million square meters of green buildings, accounting for 97.09 percent of new building area in 2023, up from 73.66 percent in 2020.

Green buildings refer to high-quality buildings that save on resources, protect the environment, reduce pollution, and provide healthy, useful and efficient space for people throughout its entire lifespan. Such buildings allow humans and nature to coexist in greater harmony.

Focusing on government investment projects and out-of-codes high-rise buildings, the province is working to promote the integrated application of green innovation technologies such as building information modeling (BIM), green construction, and intelligent management. Shanxi is also encouraging various regions to focus on large-scale public buildings and cultivate high-quality green building innovation projects.

Datong Ruihu Yunshan Mansion, for example, as the first residential building project in the province that adopts the "passive, prefabricated, green, fully decorated, and smart community" model, is able to maintain a constant temperature, humidity, oxygen, and level of cleanliness indoors throughout the four seasons through efficient insulation and enclosure structures, as well as full heat recovery fresh air systems.