Shanxi promotes development of general aviation sector


North China's Shanxi province began implementing the "Measures to Accelerate the Construction of a Demonstration Province for the Development of the Low-Altitude Economy and the General Aviation Industry" on May 26.

By doing so, it's aiming to develop its low-altitude economy and build itself up a national demonstration province for the development of general aviation industry.

In order to expand the application scenarios for general aviation and to build a public service network for general aviation, the province is undertaking various measures.

It's encouraging governments at the city and county level – as well as relevant administrative departments in the province – to include general aviation public services, including aerial drones, in the purchase catalogs of local governments.

In terms of the construction of aviation infrastructure, subsidies will be given at a rate of 30 percent of the engineering cost for the construction and expansion of transport airport navigation facilities, general airports and aviation flight camps.

The subsidy for a single airport will not exceed 30 million yuan ($4.14 million) and the subsidy for a single aviation flight camp won't top 10 million yuan.

Meanwhile, the province will provide 10 million yuan in financial support annually to officially approved national key aviation laboratories, the key laboratories jointly built by the province and various ministries, joint laboratories involved in the Belt and Road Initiative and national technology innovation centers.

In addition, Shanxi will encourage the introduction of international and national aviation sports events, drone competitions and other aviation related activities – and it will provide special subsidies for the introduced events and activities.

Moreover, Shanxi will also encourage general aviation colleges and enterprises in the province to carry out aviation training for various licenses. These will include general aviation commercial licenses, private licenses, sports licenses, civil drone pilot licenses and remote-controlled aviation model pilot licenses.