Shanxi's cancer experts share new surgery technology with foreign surgeons


Recently, the 4th PIMC International Masterclass of Natural Orifice Specimen Extraction Surgery (NOSES) was held at Shanxi Cancer Hospital in Taiyuan city, North China's Shanxi province.

Through academic reports, surgical demonstrations, case studies and more, the Chinese cancer experts shared their NOSES experience with 12 surgical colleagues from seven countries, including Mexico, Turkiye and India.


The doctors demonstrate the surgery. [Photo/Shanxi News Network]

The NOSES was first proposed by Professor Wang Xishan, a Chinese expert, whose monograph has been published and translated into multiple languages such as English, French, and Russian, becoming a hot topic in the medical industry and attracting much attention.

During the class, the attendees asked questions from multiple perspectives and exchanged ideas on perioperative intestinal preparation medication.

The province's cancer experts also demonstrated eight surgeries to their foreign colleagues, and explained the key points and core technologies.