Shanxi continues to enhance public services


In recent years, North China's Shanxi province has been working to build up a basic public service system, and enhance the balanced accessibility of public services, so as to make the achievements of its high-quality development benefit people more comprehensively.

In 2023, nearly 80 percent of the province's general public budget expenditures were allocated to people's livelihoods. This year, Shanxi will continue to enhance its public services involving employment, elderly care, childcare, logistics, disability assistance, and rural water supply.

Specifically, Shanxi will advance the new urbanization with counties and towns as the core, and promote infrastructure construction as pertaining to urban and rural transportation, power supply, water supply, and gas supply, to build up a basic public service system that features all-people coverage and urban-rural integration.

In addition, this year, the province will implement elderly care and elderly meal service projects in urban and rural areas, aiming to provide elderly meal services to 70 percent of urban and rural communities across the province within three years.

Furthermore, Shanxi will deliver accurate information to specialized social assistance departments involving the medical, education, emergency response, and human resources sectors via big data technologies and investigations, to improve the efficiency of social welfare and assistance.

Meanwhile, the province will build up 20 provincial-level cultural service brands, and cultivate 4,000 rural cultural and artistic teams to enrich the cultural life of the people in Shanxi.