Shanxi promotes construction of key ecological projects


Updated: 2024-05-22

North China's Shanxi province recently issued implementation opinions on strengthening the comprehensive prevention and control of desertification and promoting the construction of key ecological projects, which clearly states that by 2030, more than 73 percent of the desertified land in the province should be restored.

According to the opinions, the comprehensive restoration of desertified and saline alkali lands should be carried out primarily in northern and northwestern Shanxi, and the vegetation coverage in sandy areas should be continuously improved through artificial measures such as grassland restoration, improvement of grass planting, restoration of degraded forest, reasonable thinning, replanting of local tree species, and the transformation of low-quality and inefficient forest.

In addition, the industrial efficiency should be continuously improved in areas with suitable conditions, such as the areas along the Yellow River and Fenhe River, by developing forestry and grass characteristic industries, optimizing industrial layouts, and fostering pillar industries. Furthermore, industrial chains should be extended, and industrial added value should be enhanced so as to increase farmers' incomes.

Meanwhile, a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation system for sky and land should be constructed by strengthening investigation, monitoring and evaluation as well as establishing basic databases. Furthermore, the promotion of technological innovation should also be enhanced by employing advanced machinery and equipment for forestry and grass and building technological demonstration models.