Shanxi works to improve recycling system


Updated: 2024-05-13

North China's Shanxi province recently issued the Implementation Plan for Improving the Recycling System of Waste Electrical Appliances, Furniture, and Other Recyclable Resources, aiming to promote the green practices in the province.

The plan points out that the recycling enterprises should be guided to utilize modern information technology to optimize the collecting, storing, transporting, and processing of waste electrical appliances, furniture, and other recyclable resources. The recycling model through online channels will also be encouraged.

In Taiyuan city, for example, residents have been encouraged to use the online mobile application called "Mr Paper" to facilitate their waste recycling needs. This app is a comprehensive waste recycling platform developed by Taiyuan Zhixiansheng Recycling Technology Co, which enables the recycling of various types of waste materials.


The company's workers come to collect recyclable materials at residents' doorsteps. [Photo/Shanxi Daily]

Xu Peng, a staff member of the company, stated that since its launch in 2017, the platform has attracted over 5 million users. The company is dedicated to reducing recycling links and lowering collection and transportation costs by implementing a new model of "online appointment and offline doorstep collection".

According to the plan, by 2025, Shanxi aims to establish a group of typical cities with comprehensive recycling systems throughout the province, foster a group of leading recycling enterprises, and establish a set of related policies and regulations.

Furthermore, the province will strive to achieve a growth of more than 15 percent in the amount of collected waste household appliances and furniture when compared to 2023 statistics. Additionally, the province plans to significantly improve its level of standardized recycling for waste household appliances and furniture.