Shanxi University peaks in 2024 ASC Student Supercomputer Challenge


The supercomputing team from Shanxi University located in Taiyuan, North China's Shanxi province, won the first prize in the global finals of the 2024 ASC Student Supercomputer Challenge which recently concluded at Shanghai University.

The team from Shanxi University is led by Gao Jiawei, lecturer of the School of Computer and Information Technology, and consists of five students.

During the finals, each participating team was required to independently design and construct a supercomputing cluster, operating within a power constraint of 3,000 watts. Additionally, teams were required to participate in an English defense.

Facing the intense competition, the team utilized three supercomputing servers and configured six NVIDIA A800 accelerator cards to build a heterogeneous accelerated supercomputing system.

In the large language model inference optimization competition, the supercomputing team constructed and optimized the inference engine based on the open-source large language model AquilaChat2-34B. Within a limited timeframe, they modified the code to explore the ultimate balance between accuracy and efficiency.

In the end, the Shanxi university supercomputing team won the Application Innovation Award in the competition.