Shanxi to establish several national desert parks


Updated: 2024-04-10

North China's Shanxi province recently issued the "Shanxi Province Desertification Control and Prevention Plan (2021-2030)", which specifies that it will focus on the construction of several national desert parks, so as to further solidify the ecological security barrier in China's northern region. 

Based on its natural landscapes and cultural landmarks, the province will build up three national desert parks, namely, the Shanxi Shuocheng Majialiang National Desert Park, the Shanxi Youyu Huangshawa National Desert Park, and the Shanxi Huairen Jinshatan National Desert Park. While prioritizing ecological protection, the province will also moderately develop its ecotourism sector. 

With the core objective of conserving the desert ecosystem and its ecological functions, desert parks are primarily characterized by desert landscapes, where various activities such as ecological conservation, vegetation restoration, scientific research and monitoring, publicity and education, as well as ecotourism activities are conducted, based on its natural and cultural resources. 

According to the "National Desert Park Development Plan (2016-2025)", China plans to construct 359 national desert parks, with 163 parks built in arid sandy areas, 123 in semi-arid sandy areas, and 73 in scattered humid sandy areas. Shanxi province is part of the desertification subzone in the Huang-Huai Plain. The subzone covers an area of 20,600 square kilometers of desert land, which can be controlled by establishing a multi-functional desert park integrating shelterbelts, scenic forests, and economically productive forests.