Hongtong launches annual roots seeking tourism season


Updated: 2024-04-01


Hongtong launches its 2024 roots seeking tourism season. [Photo by Lu Pengyu for goshanxi.com.cn]

Hongtong county in Linfen city, North China's Shanxi province, kicked off its 2024 "roots-seeking tourism season" in Beijing on March 29. 

Seeking roots is a cultural trend that has gained momentum over the last few years. It aims to popularize ethnic or local culture, keeping them from disappearing completely. 


A Hongtong opera performance. [Photo by Lu Pengyu for goshanxi.com.cn]

During the event's press conference, a series of distinctive cultural performances showcasing Hongtong's charm were presented, allowing both online and offline audiences to immerse themselves in the county's cultural atmosphere.

At the event, eight projects were also signed, with a total contract value of 7.33 billion yuan ($1.01 billion). They involve fields such as new energy, new materials, modern agriculture, and digital economy. These projects are primarily signed with high-tech enterprises that align with the industrial orientation and development needs of Hongtong.


Eight projects are signed on-site. [Photo by Lu Pengyu for goshanxi.com.cn]

In recent years, adhering to the concept of hosting a successful event that will invigorate the city, Hongtong has launched and enhanced its "ancestral home of Chinese civilization" brand. It is planning and creating a series of tourism activities that focus on roots seeking. These activities aim to showcase a comprehensive view of Hongtong's history, culture, and development.

This year, Hongtong will introduce a series of tourism products with a focus on home culture, enriching the overall experience of dining, accommodation, transportation, sightseeing, shopping, and entertainment.