Shanxi's development zones adopt measures to attract talents



The unmanned aerial vehicles in the Xinzhou Coarse Cereal Industrial Park are in operation. [Photo by Fu Qiujie/Shanxi Daily]

Currently, all development zones in North China's Shanxi province are employing various measures to attract talents in order to usher in a new chapter of high-quality economic development.

Each development zone is seeking opportunities for collaboration with universities and enterprises, aiming to maximize the talent and information advantages of major universities and enterprises, so as to inject new impetus into the high-quality economic development at the county level.

An official from the Jiangxian County Economic Development Zone introduced that the zone is working with enterprises to seek cooperation with several universities, such as Zhejiang University, Tongji University, and Taiyuan University of Technology. This has deepened the integration between enterprises and universities, and enhanced innovative economic development.

At the same time, each development zone is actively constructing incubation platforms to promote the sharing of scientific research achievements. In 2023, the Yuanping Economic and Technological Development Zone constructed an innovation incubation park for small and medium-sized enterprises. The park integrates multiple functions such as research and development, achievement transformation, technology incubation, technical training, and exhibition. Since its establishment, this park has achieved substantial results in the integration between industry and education.

Furthermore, each of Shanxi's development zones is committed to strengthening incentive mechanisms to stimulate innovative breakthroughs in enterprises. The Kelan Economic and Technological Development Zone awarded "Honorary Citizen Certificates" to 92 entrepreneurs, encouraging them to contribute to the construction of Kelan. This has inspired both enterprises and talents to enhance their innovation enthusiasm and creativity.