Taiyuan section of Fenhe River selected as the outstanding case in Shanxi


Updated: 2024-03-28

Recently, the Shanxi Province Department of Ecology and Environment recently announced its list of outstanding cases of beautiful rivers and lakes in Shanxi in 2023, and the Taiyuan section of Fenhe River was included into the list.

The Fenhe River runs through Taiyuan for 188 kilometers. For thousands of years, Fenhe River has watered the land of Bingzhou and nurtured the people of Taiyuan.

With enhanced governance and ecological restoration, the water quality of the Taiyuan section of the Fenhe River has been significantly improved, transforming the river to its former beauty.

Over 230 kinds of trees and flowers have been planted in the Fenhe scenic spot along the banks of the river, and more than 40 cultural attractions have been laid out. There are 165 kinds of birds that migrate or live in the scenic spot, which has become a favorite location for citizens to relax and entertain.

The Fenhe River carries a profound historical and cultural heritage, as it has contributed to the creation of the Sanjin culture. In Taiyuan, many buildings and scenic spots are related to the Fenhe River, indicating its important position in Taiyuan's historical development.

By relying on Fenhe River resources, Taiyuan has actively developed its green economy and eco-tourism, which injects new vitality into the sustainable development of the city's urban economy.

In the future development, Taiyuan will protect and make good use of its Fenhe River resources.