Shanxi acts to promote high-quality development of exhibition industry


The Department of Commerce of Shanxi Province rolled out several measures on March 26 to promote the high-quality development of its exhibition industry, outlining substantial support for the sector.

In terms of optimizing the province's exhibition layout, a new pattern for exhibition development will be established. The province will seek to host medium-sized exhibitions that are linked to major exhibitions in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

Efforts will be made to foster and strengthen exhibition enterprises and support the introduction of renowned exhibition institutions. The province will also actively attract domestic and foreign renowned exhibition companies to establish branch offices, agency offices, and cooperative institutions.

Also, emphasis will be placed to promote the transformation of the China (Taiyuan) International Energy Industry Expo into a new platform for exchange and cooperation.

Subsidies of up to 600,000 yuan ($83,033.21) are available for exhibitions that are held continuously in the province, though some requirements must be met. They are: the exhibition must have a clear theme, prominent features, significant development potential, and a substantial driving effect. Applicant exhibitions should also have an exhibition area exceeding 5,000 square meters, and a certain proportion of participation from enterprises outside the province.

The province will also provide subsidies not exceeding 3 million yuan, 2 million yuan, and 1 million yuan respectively for the introduction of international, domestic, and industry exhibitions.