Shanxi promises financial support for ecological improvement of Yellow River


Updated: 2024-03-20

This year, Shanxi province will provide stronger financial support in order to fully guarantee the implementation of the ecological environment governance project for the Yellow River.

These provincial funds, worth 5.05 billion yuan ($701.9 million), will be allocated to various sectors, including agriculture and rural areas, water conservancy, natural resources, ecological environment, housing and urban-rural development, forestry, and grassland. 

Specifically, within the water conservancy sector, 1.65 billion yuan will be earmarked to support key projects such as enhancing flood control capabilities, the construction of river ecological corridors, the conservation of soil and water, as well as the ecological restoration of rivers and lakes. These efforts aim to improve the ecological environment of the river basin and contribute to the improvement of water quality.

In the field of ecological environment, 1.58 billion yuan will be allocated to support the implementation of provincial projects such as modernizing water environment monitoring systems and water quality testing capabilities, ensuring water pollution control, and water environment protection.

Furthermore, 721 million yuan will be allocated to the field of agriculture and rural areas in order to ensure the stability of ecosystems, prevent soil erosion, and minimize water resource wastage.