Shanxi tops nationally in afforestation scale


Updated: 2024-03-12

Some 400 volunteers recently gathered to participate in a tree planting activity in Hejin, North China's Shanxi province. 

This activity was organized to commemorate the fourth anniversary of voluntary tree planting activities held in the State-owned forest farm along the Hejin section of the Yellow River. The city's forest coverage rate has been steadily increasing year by year, reflecting the public's growing awareness and enthusiasm for protecting and participating in afforestation efforts. 

Hejin's commitment to greening is a microcosm of Shanxi's greening efforts. 

In 2021, Shanxi began prioritizing ecological protection and restoration in four major regions, including the northern sandy areas, Fenhe River Valley, the Lyuliang and Taihang Mountains, in order to enhance the province's natural ecology. The province has completed afforestation on 10,181.8 square kilometers of land, ranking first in scale nationwide for three consecutive years. 

The province has also been promoting the construction of 100 provincial-level forest villages through incentives and subsidies. Additionally, Taiyuan city, Qinshui county, and Yangcheng county have submitted applications to become national forest cities. 

This year, with a focus on increasing forest area, improving forest quality, and enhancing the stability and diversity of ecosystems, Shanxi will prioritize desertification control. Efforts will include the comprehensive management of desertified land, afforestation and grass planting work, as well as the restoration and management of degraded forests, grasslands, and wetlands.