Shanxi delegation suggests enhancing power transmission capacity


Updated: 2024-03-08

The Shanxi delegation to the National People's Congress (NPC) recently made a joint suggestion on improving Shanxi province's electricity transmission capacity.

Shanxi's current provincial power grid connects North, East, and Central China. It serves as a crucial hub for transmitting electricity, and has a maximum transmission capacity of 30.62 million kilowatts. In 2023, the province's electricity transmission reached 157.6 billion kilowatt-hours, effectively supplying power to 23 provinces across the country.

As a pioneer in the construction of ultra-high-voltage power transmission, Shanxi has accelerated the construction of power transmission bases, aiming to enhance its power transmission capacity. However, the province is currently facing problems related to the operational efficiency of transmission channels, coal-powered electricity delivery, and the utilization of large-scale new energy.

To address these challenges, the Shanxi delegation suggested the accelerated construction of the second phase of the ultra-high-voltage alternating current transmission channel from Changzhi to Nanyang. The delegation also suggested expediting the plans for an ultra-high-voltage direct current transmission channel from Shanxi to East China, as well as enhancing the transmission of clean energy, such as wind and solar power, through ultra-high-voltage transmission.