Shanxi's national legislator suggests strengthening vocational education


Updated: 2024-03-07

Developing vocational education and promoting the full development of human resources is a crucial pathway to realizing a talent-strong nation.

Yan Meirong, a deputy to the National People's Congress from North China's Shanxi province, said, "We should address the shortage of professional teachers in vocational colleges, and also comprehensively promote the reform of vocational education in China."

Yan suggested guiding high-level engineering schools to offer vocational technical education, as well as establishing free vocational education teacher training programs based on different vocational majors. 

Additionally, she proposed including funds for recruiting related talents into the financial budgets at all levels, which will ease the burden on schools and enable more skilled personnel to work part-time at schools.

Yan also recommended incorporating participation in vocational education into the legal responsibilities and obligations of enterprises.

Regarding undergraduate enrollment, she advised opening up inter-provincial enrollment channels for undergraduate colleges, increasing enrollment plans for vocational education undergraduates, and providing professional career planning and employment guidance services to help students understand their interests and strengths, as well as to choose suitable majors.