Rare North China leopard spotted in Shanxi geopark


Updated: 2024-02-23


The North China leopard is spotted in Shanxi. [Photo/Shanxi Daily]

On Feb 16, a biodiversity research team, organized by the Shanxi Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, captured images of a robust North China leopard via infrared cameras.

The North China leopard is a unique subspecies of the leopard that is critically endangered. It is classified as a key first-class protected wild animal in China, and it is primarily found in the provinces of Shanxi, Henan, and Hebei.

Shanxi province boasts the highest population of wild North China leopards, with their territory expanding in recent years. Among the 11 cities in the province, these leopards are distributed in all but Shuozhou and Datong.

This recent sighting occurred within the Lishan Provincial-level Geopark in Qinshui county, approximately 10 kilometers from the core area of the Lishan National Nature Reserve.

To further strengthen biodiversity conservation in Shanxi, efforts are underway to enhance the diversity, stability, and sustainability of the local ecosystem.

The Shanxi Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment is currently coordinating the development of the "Shanxi Province Biodiversity Conservation Strategy and Action Plan (2023-30)".

The next steps involve establishing a comprehensive coordination mechanism for biodiversity conservation in Shanxi province, in collaboration with forestry and other relevant departments, to ensure the comprehensive protection of the province's vital ecosystems, wildlife, and natural resources.