Updated: 2024-02-20

Lingkong Mountain Natural Protection Scenic Area

The city of Changzhi with a population of around 3.14 million in 2022, is located in the southeastern part of Shanxi province, neighboring Hebei and Henan provinces beyond the Taihang Mountains to the east, the city of Linfen across Taiyue Mountain to the west, the city of Jincheng to the south, and the city of Jinzhong to the north.

It covers a 13,896-square-kilometer area. The city plain covers 2,213 sq km, while hills account for 4,641 sq km, and a mountainous part for 7,042 sq km. The Beitai Peak of Taiyuan Mountains is 2,453 meters high, Shanxi's highest point. The city is not extremely cold in winter nor is it extremely hot in summer, and is a very livable place with four distinct seasons and a somewhat humid climate.

The city has plenty of natural resources, including coal, iron, silicon, and marble, with coal reserves reaching 27.4 billion tons and setting a good economic base for its industrial system covering coal, chemicals, metallurgy, electric power, machinery manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals. 

It also has abundant water, with around 2.29 billion cubic meters of it. And the forest coverage reaches 26.8 percent. The city is a major rice producer with good agricultural conditions and 25 national agricultural demonstration areas and grows improved varieties of corn, peppers, and walnuts.

Changzhi has an outstanding location with convenient transportation network of railways, highways, and aviation and is near the Circum-Bohai Sea Economic Zone. 

Changzhi is one of the homes of Chinese civilization and had people in the area as early as 10,000 years ago according to archaeological findings, so many prehistoric myths and legends got their start here. The city has 24 tourist routes, including one for red tourism, Yan Emperor culture, and a Taihang Mountain Grand Canyon scenic spot.

The city's gross domestic product totaled 280.62 billion yuan ($38.99 billion) in 2023, increasing 5.6 percent year-on-year.