Shanxi set to become renowned tourist destination


Updated: 2024-02-19

North China's Shanxi province is set to implement measures on enhancing market vitality and consumption, as well as to establish an internationally renowned cultural and tourist destination this year.

The province will support Taiyuan in creating a comprehensive hub for cultural tourism and support Datong in becoming a tourism bridgehead. It will also focus on creating cultural tourism brands related to ancient grotto art, ethnic integration, and summer resort culture. 

Support will be provided to Yuncheng in building a Yellow River tourism center, aiming to develop a tourist destination that showcases the ancient culture and the history of general Guan Gong.

Shanxi will develop a number of renowned tourist cities, nationally recognized leisure cities, and districts. It will create a series of renowned tourist counties based on its comprehensive tourism demonstration zones, cultural tourism areas, and health care clusters. Furthermore, it will establish famous tourist towns in order to accelerate the development of the tourism industry.

The province also plans to accelerate construction of a new Shanxi merchants-themed cultural tourism zone, ethnic integration tourism zone, healthcare cultural tourism zone, and red culture tourism zone.

Furthermore, Shanxi will create at least one national-level tourist resort.