A-rated tourist attractions hits 390 in Shanxi


Updated: 2024-02-06

The number of A-rated tourist attractions in Shanxi province in 2023 increased 25.6 percent year-on-year, now totaling 390.

Shanxi completed an annual tourism investment of 1.94 billion yuan ($270.48 million) in 2023. It also increased efforts to preserve and support the Ancient City of Pingyao, aiming to construct an internationally renowned tourist destination with a subsidy of 70 million yuan.

Thirteen new 4A-rated attractions and 80 new 3A-rated and below attractions were recognized in Shanxi in 2023, with Jinzhong and Xinzhou cities taking the lead with over 50 new A-rated attractions. Additionally, eight new provincial-level tourist resorts were created.

The Jinci Temple and Tianlong Mountain in Taiyuan city were included in the national 5A-rated scenic spot preliminary list, while the Xiyagou and Yunzhong River scenic areas were included in the list of national-level tourist resorts. Moreover, Guangwu was recognized as a national-level skiing tourism resort.

The province has conducted 1,056 training sessions, training over 30,000 personnel at tourist attractions. It has also designated 10 tourist service standardized demonstration areas.