Shanxi to promote local delicacies during winter vacation



Different wheat-made food in Shanxi province. [Photo/Shanxi Daily] 

For those seeking a winter vacation that highlights a culinary exploration, Shanxi province in North China is an ideal choice. 

Start your day with a warm bowl of tounao (a local creamy broth made with lamb, liquor, lotus root, Chinese yam and Chinese herbs), savor the delicate Shanxi knife-cut noodles for lunch, and in the evening, treat yourself to minjian noodles. In between, indulge in snacks such as Taigu cake, Guodulin mooncakes, and Jishan fried dough twists.

In recent years, every cultural and tourism promotion event in Shanxi has featured demonstrations of local food-making techniques. With over 20 different making methods and more than 1,000 wheaten food dishes, Shanxi boasts a rich wheaten food culture. Currently, eight traditional wheaten food-making techniques have been recognized as national intangible cultural heritage items, with 44 others listed as provincial intangible cultural heritage items. 

In addition to the distinctive wheaten food, local specialties such as beef and shaomai (a type of dumpling) also cater to the culinary desires of visitors. For example, Pingyao beef, one of Pingyao's culinary treasures, boasts a rich red color, tender texture, and a flavorful taste. Similarly, the Longjuxiang shaomai from Datong features a translucent and shiny skin, and is filled with a variety of meats.  

Shanxi has recently introduced a circular to boost local catering consumption. The province plans to conduct promotional activities for catering brands, as well as promote the entry and standardized management of the top 10 Shanxi-style dishes, the top 10 wheaten food in Shanxi, and 50 Shanxi specialty snacks.