Shanxi sets roundtable dialogue system for foreign-invested firms


The Shanxi Department of Commerce recently issued a notice to establish a roundtable dialogue system for foreign-invested enterprises in North China's Shanxi province. 

The initiative is aimed at creating a regular face-to-face communication platform between the government and foreign-invested enterprises in the province, coordinating and addressing the difficulties and issues they face during production and operation, and fostering a more open environment for foreign investment. 

The roundtable dialogue meetings will be held in the name of the Shanxi Provincial Government and will have a liaison office, with the organization work undertaken by the Shanxi Department of Commerce. 

The main tasks of the roundtable dialogue meetings include publicizing and interpreting major industrial policies across the province and policies and regulations related to foreign-invested enterprises, understanding the operational development of foreign-invested enterprises in Shanxi, listening to the suggestions of foreign-invested enterprises regarding policies in Shanxi, and proposing solutions through communication and research.