Shanxi to enhance people's living standards in 2024


Updated: 2024-01-24

The Shanxi Provincial Government will implement 15 measures in 2024 to improve the well-being of people in Shanxi province, according to an annual provincial government work report that was released at the second session of the 14th Shanxi Provincial People's Congress on Jan 23. 

The measures cover areas of senior care services and pension allowance, employment targeting college and university graduates, highway construction, social security, rural logistics and express services, cultural performances, rural area renovations, education, and medical checkups. 

More specifically, the plans include the construction of 50 urban community elderly care facilities and 100 rural elderly care centers. Additionally, 3,000 rural elderly daycare centers will undergo renovation, and subsidies for meal expenses will be provided to elderly individuals who are aged 80 and above and from a low-income household. 

In a bid to bolster employment opportunities, the government will intensify its support for university graduates by organizing 4,000 specialized job fairs in 2024. Furthermore, State-owned enterprises in the province are set to recruit 10,000 individuals. An additional 3,000 community assistants will also be hired. 

Rural development is also a focus, with plans to conduct maintenance and upkeep on 1,700 rural water supply projects, benefiting about 1.8 million people. Moreover, the government aims to complete the purification of 50 rural water bodies this year. 

In a move to enrich the cultural lives of people in rural areas, the government plans to organize 10,000 free theatrical and opera performances in rural communities.