Campus life

By Guo Shuziyan at Shanxi University (

I still remember entering the school gate on September 4th, carrying my luggage, embarking on a new yet unfamiliar life. Unfamiliar classmates, unfamiliar city and unfamiliar dormitory make me curious but a little nervous. In the blink of an eye, a year has passed, and in that year, I have experienced ups and downs.

When I met my native English-speaking teacher, I was excited because it was the first time that I communicated with a foreigner so closely. However, good time didn't last long. He didn't speak Chinese at all, not a single word. Moreover, when he taught in English, he would use inverted sentence structures or repetitions, just like how we normally chat in Chinese. I understood even less. It felt like every time I had his class, it was agonizing. I began to doubt myself, and to be weary of study, because I didn't think I could do anything right. For nearly a week, I really did nothing but relaxed myself. After a good time, I made up my mind to study hard.

I chose a seat in the first row so I could better chat with my English native-speaking teacher. Unluckily, the first attempt failed. But this time, instead of giving up, I kept going. To improve myself, I took part in the competition with the mindset that it didn't matter if I won the prize or not. Although I didn't win a prize, I developed my ability to speak on stage in English in the Cross-language reading conference of Confucian classics. In the 6th Chinese College Students 5-Minute Research Speech (English) Contest, I won third prize. I was not satisfied with this achievement, but I believed that I could get better results in the future.

After some time of improvement, I understood more and had more enthusiasm in his class. Even more fortunate, I met new native English-speaking teachers who can speak Chinese, which has significantly reduced the pressure I felt in class.

Campus life is not only about study, there are also quite a few colorful extracurricular activities. The University Sports Meet, the Summer Evening Feast, and the 120th Anniversary Celebration deeply impressed me.

In early summer, the campus was blooming and vibrant. Our school's 2023 athletics meet opened.

The sports field was decorated with flags, and there were cheers and joy everywhere. Flexible lions ran back and forth, lay down, climbed and jumped. The golden dragons rolled and darted, their appearances were mighty, their movements were vigorous, and their expressions were changeable. As the tempos of the music changed, sparky students ran into the green playground. The weather was bright and sunny, with a gentle breeze. With the red flags flying, 37 teachers danced in the song.

Summer is the most wanton time of the year for blooming. In the heat of summer, an artistic feast brought us the unique enthusiasm and unforgettable memories of summer. The summer evening feast was thrilling and I regretted that I couldn't be a part of it. It was also at this moment that my wrong idea in high school was truly transformed - campus life is not all about learning, but about our individual talents. I tried to play the guitar, an instrument I was interested in but afraid to try. Surprisingly, I liked it, and I picked up the trick faster than anyone else. There was no limit to my desire. I wanted to play the guitar on the stage but due to various factors I haven't achieved it yet. I will try to achieve it to shine on the stage.

Shanxi University has been changing with each passing day. On November 13th, 2022, the 120th Anniversary Celebration of Shanxi University was held. On the occasion of celebrating the 120th Anniversary of the establishment of the university, four layers of flower beds stood in the square and many colorful flags fluttered in the wind. The campus was decorated all over the place, filled with a festive atmosphere, full of vitality. The students stopped in front of the screen in the square, watched the live broadcast of the conference attentively, and took photos and shared them from time to time. This made me feel the cohesion of the students. In 120 years, Shanxi University has weathered the storm to become stronger. Today, Shanxi University is more energetic and confident, and is moving toward a bright future.

I still remember that 1 year ago, I was excited to open this chapter with Shanxi University. Days flew by as we turned the pages of our book, and in the blink of an eye, we reached the final chapter of this year. The campus life last year was unforgettable and meaningful. Also, I believe that the future will be colorful too.