Shanxi issues measures to attract more foreign investment


Shanxi Provincial Government recently issued a circular to boost foreign investment and enhance industrial openness. 

The circular involves a set of measures covering six main areas, namely energy, industrial chains, industrial transfer, business environment, policies, and working mechanisms.

In terms of the energy sector, Shanxi supports foreign investment in new and clean energy, along the entire industrial chain. It also encourages foreign investment in building mines, and in forms of cooperation in energy conservation and reducing carbon emissions. 

The province also supports investment in the closer integration of industries and education, as well as research and development in the field of technology. 

Investment in the biopharmaceutical sector is also being promoted, and the development of investment-oriented companies is widely encouraged.

Shanxi will further protect the rights and interests of foreign investors in accordance with the law, establish a provincial-level dialogue mechanism between the government and foreign investors, and continue to optimize its service mechanisms for foreign companies and projects to improve the business environment for them.