Shanxi enacts plan to increase R&D personnel


North China's Shanxi province will implement a plan to increase the number of local personnel in the realm of scientific and technological research and development. 

According to the plan, Shanxi aims to achieve an annual growth rate of over 20 percent in the number of R&D personnel per 10,000 labor force (employed individuals) by the end of 2025. 

To achieve this, the province will focus on strategic emerging and future industries, establish special funds for innovation and entrepreneurship talent teams, and implement supportive policies for these teams, encouraging them to conduct basic scientific research and exploration. 

By jointly establishing technology R&D sub-centers and appointing experts, Shanxi will gather innovation and entrepreneurship talent teams from China and abroad on corresponding local industry technology platforms via a case-by-case approach. 

Efforts will be made to reward teams and individuals from universities and scientific research institutions who have made outstanding contributions to technology transfers. 

Enterprises will be encouraged to implement medium- to long-term incentives, such as equity incentives and profit-sharing rights for core talent. 

Support will also be provided to research institutions in setting up positions for excellent young researchers, such as scientists and special researchers, and necessary guarantees will be given in terms of research conditions, income, and continuing education.