Jincheng section of Taihang No 1 tourist highway now in operation



The Jincheng section of the Taihang No 1 tourist highway is open to traffic. [Photo/Shanxi Daily] 

The Jincheng section of the Taihang No 1 tourist highway was recently put into operation. 

Stretching 582 kilometers, this section of the tourist highway connects six county-level cities and districts.

Along the highway, special agricultural industries, including pig farming, poultry farming, sheep farming, beekeeping, vegetable production, and traditional Chinese medicine planting, have been accelerated. 

Famous scenic spots along the way in such areas as Wangmangling, the Manghe River, and Jueshan Mountain, have been upgraded, while featured villages like Fushan, Songmiao, Zheshui, Henghe, and Xingze have opened their doors to visitors. 

Currently, all 739 villages and communities along the highway have meet the three-star or above standard in terms of their living environment. 

The highway has attracted over 9 million tourist visits to date, provided job opportunities for 55,000 people returning to their hometowns, directly increased the income of 76,000 laborers, and indirectly benefited nearly 400,000 people.