Shanxi chosen as national pilot province to realize carbon peak goals


Updated: 2023-11-13

North China's Shanxi province has been officially designated by the National Development and Reform Commission as one of the first pilot provinces for carbon peaking.

According to the commission's plan, the pilot project will be launched in 15 provinces initially. By 2025, favorable policies and mechanisms for green and low-carbon development will be established within the pilot provinces, and a preliminary set of innovative measures and reform experiences that are operable, replicable, and expandable will be formed.

As a major energy producer, Shanxi has introduced a plan for carbon peaking that focuses on three major action steps: the low-carbon upgrading and transformation of traditional energy sources to make them cleaner, replacing traditional energy consumption entirely with new forms of energy, and general energy-saving and carbon reduction measures.

Through these measures, the province aims to accelerate the planning and construction of a new energy system, promote changes in the way that energy is produced and consumed, and control the source and entry point of carbon emissions.

In accordance with the targets, by 2025, the proportion of non-fossil energy consumption in Shanxi will reach 12 percent, the share taken up by new and clean energy will reach 50 percent, and the energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions per unit of regional GDP will be reduced.